Derelict Boat Captured and Cleaned

April 10th, the boat was towed into Yaquina Bay, docked at South Beach Marina until high tide when it was towed up to Riverbend Marina.  On April 11, the boat was hauled out, the bottom scraped and then pulled up on a hoist to complete the cleaning before being sent to the landfill.  Specimens were collected by Jim Burke, Oregon Coast Aquarium (the fish), Gayle Hansen, OSU phycologist (the alga) and John Chapman, OSU biologist ( the invertebrates).

Mass from the bottom of the boat

biotic mass from boat hull 4/11/15

Pelagic barnacle

pelagic barnacles up to 25cm (10 in) long 4/11/15

closeup of mass

Close-up of mass 4/111/15


hydroid mass from boat 4/11/15

Hoisted to finish cleaning

Hoisted to finish cleaning 4/11/15

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