CoastWatch Mile 43- Disaster Averted

Thanks to the quick thinking of long-time (since 1995) CoastWatch mile adopter Dale Lee, we were able to avoid a disaster like the one on Light House Beach, last year.  Dale has a secluded pocket beach south of Humbug Mountain that catches all kinds of interesting items.  Last year it was a massive pink float with a massive pink barnacle, Megabalanus Rosa. Drs. Chapman and Miller were excited about that.

This last couple of weeks it has been all about a derelict dock

Dale initially contacted me on March 28,

“It has few to zero sea creatures attached to it and moss growing on the sides, plus little damage so I think it is somewhat local, and was probably lost from fresh water. Three sections are approximately 4×8 each. Bottoms are Fiberglas filled with low grade foam. NOT tsunami debris, although there were a few timbers and other sundry Japanese items today. I’m pretty busy for a few days but will try to get a mile report out later in the week.”

1.dock discovered 3:28:15

Dock discovered 3/28/15. 

The beach ranger was contacted and asked for verification of dock location. He felt this was out of his realm of expertise.

Dock still there 4/2/15

Dock still there 4/2/15 

We then contacted the members of our OMDTeam which included State Parks, Surfrider, Washed Ashore, and SOLVE.  Shirley Stentz of State Parks and located there in Curry County, contacted the Corrections Department and within a few days plans were set and the dock was removed.  The series of attached photos tell the story.

Yep, it is at the other end

Yep, it is at the other end

Decision Time- 4/9/15

Decision Time- 4/9/15

5. initial dismantling

Initial Dismantling 4/9/15

6.dismantling begins

Diving into the dismantle.

7. separated


8. That'll get heavy

That’ll get heavy!

9. Better plan

A better plan

10. Team work

Team work

11. Mile 43 the trek

Mile 43 trek

12. The long trek

The long walk back to the trail head.

13. Evidence of many trips

Evidence of many trips

15. Down to the last

Almost Completely dismantled

14. Almost complete

Almost Complete

16. Debris in trucks

Trucks loaded with debris.

Our many, many thanks go to Oregon Parks and Rec Department and the Oregon Department of Corrections for the able bodies and labor involved.

Fawn Custer, CoastWatch Volunteer Coordinator

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