Up Coming NOAA Marine Debris Surveys That Can Use Your Help

Oregon Marine Debris Monitoring Teams

(As New Dates are Reported this Document will be Updated)

Site:          Chapman Beach CoastWatch mile #: 315 MD-MAP ID # 180

Site description: Starting at the Northern most end of the beach 100m south 84318 Ecola State Park Rd, Cannon Beach, OR 97110   45.8956 -123.96361 to 45.9067 -123.96667

Date established: :4/16/14

Team leaders/Points of contact: Robin Risley
Email address: robin@robinrisley.com
Affiliation / Organization: CoastWatch
Phone #:503-738-2888

Next Scheduled Surveys:


Site:          Cape Falcon M R: Arch Cape CoastWatch mile #: 306 MD-Map ID #190

Site description: 45.793691, -123.967890 Clatsop Ln, Arch Cape, OR 97102

Date established: 4/15/14

Team leaders/Points of contact: Al Maslowski, Lianne Thompson

Email address: almaslowski@mac.com

Affiliation / Organization: Surfrider/CoastWatch
Phone #:262.442.6523

Next Scheduled Surveys:



Site:Neah-Kah-Nie      CoastWatch mile #: 294      MD-Map ID #186

Site description: Manhattan Beach, Rockaway,OR  45.6394-122.057

Date established:  11/17/14

Team leaders/Points of contact: Beth Gienger

Email address: bethg@nknsd.org

Affiliation / Organization: Neah-Kah-NieHS/CoastWatch

Phone #:5033552272

Next Scheduled Surveys:

Site:WestWind-Cascade Head MR   CoastWatch mile #: 247 MD-Map ID #187

Site description: Otis, OR 97368  Beach front beginning at path from meeting hall north 100m 45.040529, -123.993732

Date established:  11/21/14

Team leaders/Points of contact: Chris Ledore

Email address: chris@westwind.org

Affiliation / Organization: WestWind/CoastWatch

Phone #:5419942383

Next Scheduled Surveys:

-March 9th at 9:00 AM

-April 12th at 1:00 PM

-May 10th at 12:00 Noon

-June 7th at 11:00 AM



Site: Otter Rock Marine Reserve  CoastWatch mile #: 225 MD-Map ID #172

Site description: North end of beach, concrete structure is landmark124.06427 44.7611

Date established: 2/11/14

Team leaders/Points of contact: Virginia Tardaewether
Email address: vtardaewether@communityservices.us
Affiliation / Organization: Natural Resource Crews Community Services Consortium
Phone #:541-574-2278

Next Scheduled Surveys:

Mar 23rd Marine Debris Survey low tide is 9:26 am -0.6

April 8th Marine Debris Survey-low tide 9:43 am 0.0

May 20 Marine Debris Survey low tide is 8:47 am -1.6



Site:          Otter Rock M R 68th St.   CoastWatch mile #: 221   MD-Map ID #162

Site description: 262-298 NW 68th St, Newport, OR 97365   44.687449, -124.066967

Date established: 2/10/14

Team leaders/Points of contact: Teresa Mealy
Email address: kuebbika@gmail.com, Teresa.Mealy@aquarium.org
Affiliation / Organization: Oregon Coast Aquarium
Phone #:541-867-3474 x 5315

Next Scheduled Surveys:

2/16/25 Monday 4:30pm -.70



Site:          Muriel O Ponsler          CoastWatch mile #: 182   MD-Map ID #78

Site description: Muriel O Ponsler Memorial State Wayside, Florence OR 97439   N 44.171635, -124.11733

Date established: 4/13/13

Team leaders/Points of contact: Jonathan Hornung, Brittany Getz

Email address: getzbee22@gmail.com, jhornung@siuslaw.k12.or.us
Affiliation / Organization: Surfrider Foundation Siuslaw Chapter

Phone #:971.255.9596

Next Scheduled Surveys:

-February 28th at 2:00 PM

Site:          Tahkenitch CoastWatch mile #: 158 MD-Map ID #174

Site description: Tahkenitch Creek/Oregon Dunes Overlook Gardiner, OR 97441 43.833815, -124.150017           43.91972   -124.3672 to   42.9239 -124.16178

Date established: 2/12/14

Team leaders/Points of contact: Alexis Wells   Jim Grano

Email address: awells@siuslaw.k12.or.us , Jim Grano <JGrano4@yahoo.com>
Affiliation / Organization: Siuslaw Middle School
Phone #: 541-999-2495

Next Scheduled Surveys:

Site: Seven Devils Wayside CoastWatch mile #: 111   MD-Map ID #176

Site description: North of Two Mile Creek Light patches of vegetation Coos County

OR 43.237373, -124.390906

Date established: 5/23/14

Team leaders/Points of contact: Mike Mueller

Email address: mulegrows@gmail.com
Affiliation / Organization: CoastWatch Saturday, March 14 @ 7:30am
Phone #: 541-5146587

Next Scheduled Surveys:

Saturday, March 14 @ 7:30am

Site:Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve   CoastWatch mile #: 46  MD-Map ID #11

Site description: Retz Creek

Date established: 05-08-12

Team leaders/Points of contact: Tyson Rasor

Affiliation / Organization: Redfish Rocks Community Team /CoastWatch

Email address: tyson@redfishrocks.org
Phone #: 541-332-0627

Next Scheduled Surveys:

Depending upon tides and schedules.  Currently we are doing them the second Thursday or Friday of the month.

So our next scheduled monitoring activities are on March 12 or 13 and April 9 or 10.

Site:          Gold Beach     CoastWatch mile #: 28 MD-Map ID #58

Site description: Gold Beach OR 42.40536 -124.42589

Date established:7/2/12

Team leaders/Points of contact: Dave Lacey

Affiliation / Organization:: 4H Tsunami Surfers
Email address: davejlacey@yahoo.com
Phone #:

Next Scheduled Surveys:

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