New Marine Debris Monitoring Teams and members December 1, 2014

The month of November was a flurry of activity as new teams were formed and new members added to the, already active, teams.
I traveled south to visit our Curry county teams at Gold Beach and Redfish Rocks. We’ve added two new interested participants to the Gold Beach 4-H team and are looking for more people to join Tyson on the Redfish Rocks Community Team. Mike Mueller- CoastWatch has been diligently monitoring Seven Devils Wayside. We have a new volunteer to help him. Welcome Amy. The Tahkenitch-Siuslaw Middle School team made it out just before the nasty storm hit to get their November survey completed and the Muriel Ponsler-Surfrider Team is gearing up for the year. They are always interested in having new participants help out. The Oregon Coast Team on the 68th Street Site and the Community Services Consortium Team at Otter Rock Marine Reserve have not missed a beat. Our new team at Cascade Head Marine Reserve, Westwind, was trained on November 30th and have a small amount of data to upload. The Cape Falcon Marine Reserve Team-Portland Surfrider were out for their survey and to train new participants. Their report: Os West: Shorties Surf Stewards Kickoff
Despite the all the thunder and lightening, torrential downpours and frigid wind, our first Oswald West Committee action weekend was a great success! Activities included running our NOAA Marine Debris Monitoring transect/beach cleanup, a stewardship planning tour of Oswald West State Park led by Oregon State Parks and Recreation, water quality testing at our Blue Water Task Force lab at Nehalem Bay State Park and a brief stormy surf session by a few ‘brave’ individuals.
Excellent job for Ryan and Al.
Our north Cannon Beach team is on a roll. Robin is always ready to have others join them on their easily accessible beach.
Contact me if you are interested in helping out.
More later.

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