Special Request from Dr. Gayle Hansen Regarding the Brown Fuzz

We are trying to wrap up our study of the algae on tsunami debris, but we still need fresh living material of some of the species for genetic (DNA) analyses – particularly the brown and red algae.

I wondered if CoastWatch could look for red and brown marine algae on Japanese debris – and alert me to any major occurrence.  Then — there are 2 possibilities:
1.       I could come by to collect the material myself – if it is local and convenient for the Coastwatcher,  Or

2.      The material could be scraped off the debris (with the holdfasts) into a small plastic bag (I don’t need much material) and kept in the plastic bag in the refrigerator or on ice.  My lab is in the EPA-Newport building and it can be delivered there – or I could try to come by to pick it up.  Please be sure to include a label with the site, date, description of the debris, and the collector’s name and contact information.

Currently we are very much interested in the brown fuzz (filaments) that coats the necks of Lepas (the pelagic barnacle).  The coating must be fairly thick.  It may be early to find it as the Lepas seems to still be quite young – but, please keep watch for it.  Any brown “slime” on the debris (that is actually filaments) is also of interest to us if it is fresh.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Dr. Gayle I. Hansen
Oregon State University, HMSC-EPA
2111 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, Oregon 97365-5260 USA

Phone:  541-867-5012 (lab), 541-265-4061 (home)
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