Tsunami Debris Collection – Pilot Project

We need your help with a special project to address tsunami debris and other marine debris.

We are looking for beach accesses where we can post an informational sign about tsunami debris and a dispenser for debris collection bags. We are specifically looking for locations that are not in State Parks.

dispenserOur goal is to encourage as many beach goers as possible to help year-round in the effort to remove the extra debris that will be washing ashore as a result of the 2011 Japanese tsunami.

The kind of help we need:

  • Ideas or information about suitable locations with a beach access–neighborhoods, communities, or environmentally active tourist facilities (hotels, private campgrounds, etc., which could get some good press coverage by cooperating with this effort).
  • Several volunteers, or a local club, in each location to ‘Adopt a station.’ Duties would include restocking the bag dispenser and communicating with entities to arrange debris pick up or report troubles.

If interested please contact:

Laura Neary,
Surfrider Foundation and CoastWatch
Newport, Oregon

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